Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outdoor Portable Chairs

You want a very unique chair right? Well, here it is! You can take this chair to the ball game of any sport, camping, fishing, picnics and to the beach. In fact, take it anywhere for your outdoor activities! Here is a brief description for you;

For years, the elusive quest for a comfortable portable chair has frustrated even the most well-seasoned tailgaters and campers. Until now, that is. The Air Chair® brings the comfort of a living-room recliner to the parking lot or campground. This unique device uses the weight of a car, truck or RV to suspend a cushioned chair in the air.
Ideal for sporting events, camping trip and concerts, the Air Chair can be assembled in a matter of minutes. The steel Air Chair Vehicle Stand will not rust, and requires no tools for assembly. A person simply backs a vehicle’s rear tires onto the support brackets for security, and then hangs the Air Chair from the stand.
The relaxing Air Chair is constructed from durable nylon that provides maximum comfort and holds up to 600 pounds. The perimeter of the Air Chair® is reinforced with one-inch webbing to help maintain the original shape and design. Adjustable straps enable a user to recline, and the seat also incorporates arm rests and a drink holder.
Additional features:
  • Supports feet, legs and vertebra
  • Includes a carrying bag for easy transport and storage
  • Available in blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, maroon, teal and cheetah colors
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