Friday, January 21, 2011

High Value Video Advertising

In today's world of online video entertainment, there are many so called video sites to choose from when searching for good entertainment. One of the set backs according to advertisers is the lack of value and or quality of these sites, in that, these sites seem to offer a whole lot of junk or lower quality content ie. gratuitous violence, sex and the like. This may be of desire for some viewers and yet, not for the advertiser whose life blood of business is depending in large part on the widest possible demographic being exposed to their product and or service. Furthermore, advertisers would rather have more conversion via a lower traffic high value content site than a whole lot of low value traffic.

There is a solution. It's called SlingAd Videos, "Higher Value Video!".
SlingAd Videos offers what most view as videos with more acceptable content when considering the widest possible viewing audience and especially in favor of the merchant when it comes to attracting that "wider demographic". Additionally, SlingAd Videos offers articles that give valuable insights into various related topics to video and most importantly,topics based upon everyday concerns of a wide array of viewers who seek out better quality content in video entertainment, education and information.

SlingAd Videos offers producers of video content and article writing the free opportunity to join the site and take advantage of a greater chance to gain exposure of their particular product and or service. Also, advertisers can take advantage of a growing number of viewers in more than 100 countries around the world who are craving and appreciative of higher value content from a video site.
And, as per the aforementioned, it's not just for videos, it's for quality article content too!

Why not give the site a look and decide for yourself. One thing to keep in mind when you do join is that, the webmaster at does not allow anything less than higher value content and each video must be approved by the admin before it will be published to the world.

So, for higher value Entertainment, "Education and Information", consider next, SlingAd Videos!

SlingAd Videos is produced and brought to you by The SlingAd Network!

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