Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Vietnam War

It is weird, those times. Weird to think back on them.

The sun shining in an antique and somehow fresher way in my mind's eye. The "Sixtees", a block of time from the 20th century, a chunk of ten years that went down forever in the mental scripts of a generation. The "techni color", the simplicity. A safer period from the perspective of a five year old. A five year old who lived in a time when his safety while walking to school the quarter mile or so trek, on his own, was just a given. When once in question, the old scare 'em with the izod on your polo shirt trick really worked. "Those two kids took one look at the lion izod on my chest and they ran mama! Are you proud of me?

Yeah...the good old "Sixtees." 

As I take occasion to catch up on the main stream news and documentary information on television, I often think of those aforementioned Sixties and, they're being viewed in an all too different way by the "Grown Ups." The adults in our lives who told us in many ways, that they see an unfortunate, sad and anxious per view of this same awesome period in time. In mankind's permanent history!

The thing that prompts me to enjoy my "all real action" in my mind memory of the Sixties is seeing the body bags come home from our modern day conflicts, the Iraq and, well, may as well say the new Persian wars and, these sights of body bags, harmonizes with the screaming and crying mother at her own doorstep in 1969 who still echoes in my mind and who was informed formally and in person by two uniformed U.S. soldiers that her son, her rock, her joy, her longing, her challenge, her responsibility, her precious treasure, her laughter, her worries, her catalyst for accomplishment, her pride, her just wonderfully, awe inspiring and not perfect...son has perished from the face of the earth. She weeps... off in the distance I become stiff with the power of it as I stand and have to listen with stick, stone or toy in hand. Frozen in awe stricken heart beating faster, eyes getting wider, hair standing on the back of my neck, I listen... she weeps, she weeps ghastly and terribly. I shed a tear for her while gripped with fear, the two of us. The woman and me. We are forever linked together in the history of mankind me and that woman in pain. No, she did not see me, yet, I shared her pain. For me, I remember a lady off in the distance at her door step and dressed in casual white attire and, the soldiers with gleaming, brilliant decoration donned.

I listen now still as the visual of the body bag now catches my attention and digresses me back to the new memories in motion, the present, the current media updates of the body count of the men and women who went on a mission in our name, the name of the American people. The brave that went to fight. The same sort as those of whom perished for same reason in the Vietnam War.

It's been a long time for me since then. These days, I have the pleasure of owning my own Internet Television network and can share memories like these with the world by using, the wonderful "real action" medium of video! In fact, I've positioned myself to do so with my creation of the "Good & Evil" channel at my network.   This channel is my attempt to address and repose the dichotomy of historical situations, the side by side ironies, parallels and the fascinating aspects of these events of centuries and decades past and, share obtained and perceptive viewpoints and wonderment with the world.

The latest addition to the gripping series, Good & Evil is entitled "The Vietnam War", and is featured on the front of SlingAd Videos. We invite you to have a private chance to take a look back at your own unique "real action memories" by way of this brand new video below!;

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